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  • Michelle Livingston- seasoned musician, manager, and business pro for 20+ years

  • Professionally training students of various backgrounds from ages 1 ½ to 75 years of age

  • Has taught over 1200 clients how to be better musicians

  • Worship director for several churches with 200 to 4,000 members

  • Focuses in music-therapy, autism, special needs, and uniquely-tailored training

  • Prolific songwriting and composition assistance

  • Private parties, Military meetings, VIP events and weddings, corporate functions, and household celebrations makeup the greatest part of her career as a musician

  • Performances in New York's Carnegie Hall, Bass Hall,  Lonestar Arena, and many, many more

  • Treat yourself to an Ocala performance or  DFW area show with live music, a band formed just for you, quality emceeing, dj services, a backyard Bday, or SME public speaking -- you will be glad you did!

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